Item Description

Mecer 24V Battery Centre with LCD Display – No Batteries

Mecer 24V Battery Centre with LCD Display, 1 Year Warranty, *Transportable *2400VA, 1440W, DC-AC Inverter, *Excludes 2x 12V Deep Cycle Batteries (batteries are an additional cost, please purchase separately – Please purchase 2x SOL-B-100-12V-Z )


Ideal backup power for home and office appliances

Efficient DC to AC conversion

Input voltage range selection

Automatic start-up

Overload protection

Optimized battery life


DC-AC Inverter

Modified sine wave

LCD display

Power swicth in front

Output power: 2400VA (1440Watts)

Outputs: 4x 3 pin south african power plugs at back

Inputs: standard South African 3 pin power plug

Solar Socket (Additional purchase of solar converter installation may be required for solar)

Size (aproximate with handles and wheels):

Height 4,400 mm, Width 4,200 mm, Depth 4,500 mm

Final weight including 2x 12V 100Ah deep cycle batteries (*batteries not included): 63Kg

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